Art & Science with Alan Lightman

Note: This program was broadcast on WCAI, the Cape and Islands affiliate of WGBH.
Alan Lightman, the MIT physicist and best-selling author of Einstein’s Dreams, is a man of unusual ability. Talented in both the sciences and the arts, he’s both left- and right-brained, a condition that confers challenges as well as benefits.
Lightman has recently come out with a new book which explores these two realms – and it’s called Ghost! It deals with the permeable boundary between hard science and the paranormal — and asks, where does science fail us, and what, if anything, can take its place? Does mystery take over? And can it step in where science falls short?
Click here: to listen (28:30 minutes) on ThoughtCast!

And to listen Alan Lightman on WGBH’s Forum Network, click here — and here!

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  1. Jaleel Lockhart November 15, 2009 at 10:39 pm #

    About three weeks ago I came across thoughtcast. As a passionate intellectual I’m fascinated with the quality and diversity of the podcast. The discussion on Art and Science has not only introduced me to Alan Lightman’s work but has allowed me to notice and appreciate archetypal human element of wonder.

    As of now my classmates and I are organizing a school club to introduce students to the podcast and to those of Stanford Aurora Forum. Reading about the sciences, literature, economics, and philosophy is great. However, listening to discussions from the current leading intellectuals of such fields will enrich overall interest and perception of the student body.
    I appreciate the availability of such a great resource.
    I’m looking for suggestions to enhance the club! Please, if you have any ideas

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