Tales from Donegal, told in Kenny’s Bookshop

Note: This interview was broadcast on KUT-FM, an NPR station based in Austin, Texas.
Charles McGlinchyIn 1861 in Clonmany, on the Inishowen peninsula in the far north of County Donegal Ireland, Charles McGlinchy was born.  His was a windblown, rough world, wracked with beauty and hardship. A weaver by trade, and a bachelor, in his old age he realized he was the last of the McGlinchys, the last of his name. Night after night, he told his tale to an old neighbor, the schoolmaster Patrick Kavanagh, who wrote it all down. Patrick’s son Desmond found these copybooks after his father’s death, and offered them to Brian Friel, the renowned Irish playwright, who then edited the manuscript into a book called The Last of the Name.
This same book is what Desmond Kenny, of Kenny’s Bookshop in Galway, chose to discuss in our interview. When asked to pick a piece of writing that’s had a tremendous impact on him, he wandered the rich shelves of the shop, musing over all the books he’s known and loved, until he lighted upon this one, and knew it was the right choice. We spoke after hours in the family run book shop, which recently celebrated its 70th anniversary.
Click here: to listen to this ThoughtCast interview (18 minutes).

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2 Responses to Tales from Donegal, told in Kenny’s Bookshop

  1. bo gallagh August 12, 2013 at 7:52 am #

    listened again ! this is amazing to hear the “old Irish” language and sayings! Thanks for this!!! A Donegal treat, Ms. Attiyeh!

  2. bo gallagh August 13, 2012 at 7:23 am #

    Jenny, Amazing! Like most Gallaghers, i am from Donega by bloodline. Done-gal = fort of Vikings, & Gall-agher = Viking soldier. Check out a song by Christy Moore “City of Chicago” which is really about the immigrants FROM Donegal…. “…. there are people dreamin’ …. of the hills of Donegal.”

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